Inspired by her love of dogs, Gillian has spent the last few years passionately painting pet portraits, transforming treasured photographs of furry companions into works of art.

Specialising in watercolour, she is able to capture character, colour and detail by using a technique of layering colour washes and brushstrokes to create beautiful, lifelike portraits.


With a range of options available and a personalised consultation service, anything is possible!


Bespoke Watercolour Pet Portrait

  7 x 9"      : from £100

  9 x 12"    : from £180

  10 x 10"  : from £200

  12 x 16"  : from £300

  16 x 24"  : from £450


Landscape paintings on stretched canvas is another bespoke service that Gillian specialises in, and capturing special moments and locations in time is something close to her heart. Using acrylic paint on stretched canvas she is able to transform landscapes and their subjects into gently stylised yet realistic paintings worthy of being the focus of any interior. 

Her paintings capture colour and detail, texture and depth to bring you straight back to that moment in time.

She is not afraid of a challenge and no scene is off limits!


Bespoke Landscape Canvas

14 x 18"   : £240

18 x 24"   : £350

24 x 30"   : £500

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